Goodby to a favorite shoe, Mizuno Wave Ronin 2

After 742.2 miles I think I need to recycle them. I wish I had a digital camera so that I could post a picture. The tread is still usable but the upper is more hole than mesh. As far as cushioning goes, I decided after the second marathon in them that I couldn’t use them for long runs anymore because my feet would get bruised. That was many moons ago. I plan to recycle them at my local running store in exchange for $10 off a new pair of shoes. That is what I did with my The North Face Arnuva 50 Boas and New Balance 903s, They had over 900 and 650 miles on them respectively. The BOAs died on a trail run when the sole of the shoe came delaminated from the rest of the shoe. I had a long walk back to my car with only the insole between my foot and the ground. The 903s were actually in pretty good shape compared to other shoes I trade in. I really wish I hadn’t given away my 902s to good will. I didn’t keep track of mileage back and I wasn’t wise to the recycling discount. Those were some awesome shoes!

So as far as elite runner training goes my phase in week was lighter than I wanted. Only 15.91 miles!!! I did a nice group run today 9.76 miles and felt fresh as could be at the end of it. That is good news considering I’m officially in week one of my Daniels plan now. Tomorrow I will swim laps in the early morning. Drop my car off at the auto body shop and run back home to pickup a car that I’m borrowing to get to work. It won’t be many miles but that is ok. Tuesday I pan to do a long run with some out of town friends.


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