Pick Races for 2012… Check!

I have selected a half marathon in March and a full marathon in November. I’m going to run both of these with a triathlete friend of mine. I will also run a 5 mile race in April. All of these are road races. At the moment I’ve only signed up for the half. In 2011 I ran over 20 races. I think that they were spaced too close together to achieve max performance. I want to keep my racing to a minimum so I don’t need to:

1) Taper training every few weeks for a race.
2) Recover from races every few weeks.
3) Abstain from caffeine for so many weeks of the year.
4) Abstain from alcohol for so many weeks of the year.

Yes, I am one of those guys that forgoes caffeine and alcohol for two weeks before a race. Then I have a 5hr energy right before the race and an adult beverages after the race.
It’s not like I drink a lot anyways, or overdue caffeine for that matter. A typical week will have one or possibly two alcoholic beverages and 1 regular cup of coffee every other day. I just get emotionally upset when these things are forbidden 😦

I am also going to sign up for a series of local races. There are about 20 available over the course of the year free with membership. I will run them but not race them. I also want to sign up for some sort of trail ultra marathon (50k – 50m distance). I did really well this fall in a 50 mile and I know I could have done way way better if I hadn’t already raced and won a 10k and PRed in a 1/2 marathon that same week.

The last two weeks I ran 26.4 and 15.9 miles respectively. I’ve run 32 so far this week and I would like to hit the 55 that my training schedule specifies, (this is the first week with a mileage specification). The weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me though. Tuesday I did a fantabulous 12 mile trail run with some out of state friends. They are both ultra people, one at my level, the other, one of the best in the USA, hands down. ,,,,,,, Everyone is always telling me I’ve got the body for ultras, but I WANT TO BE A ROAD MARATHONER.


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