Achilles Injury the Facts

Monday my right ankle and arch felt sore while running. Tuesday I did 12 1/16 mile hill sprints with a less than normal intensity. Tuesday night I tucked my bedsheets in tight at the end of the bed. Wednesday I did an easy run but there was a large head wind. No pains anywhere on Wednesday but my left achilles was tight that night. Thursday while running both in the morning and evening my left achilles hurt. I iced and elevated several time during the day. I’ve been stretching after every run. Friday I did a 40 min tempo run. I did a long warmup and some light stretching. No pain while tempo running but I could feel that it was a little tight. It started to hurt a little while I was doing my cool down.

I’m not sure what when wrong. I’ve injured my right achilles in the fall of 2010 pretty bad during a very hilly trail race. I’ve also had tight achilles before after hard track workouts, but in all other times there were definite causes and tight calves to go along with it.

I’ve never needed to take time off running from achilles issues before so I’m hoping to run though it again. From what I remember I just need to do very light stretching 3 times a day. Ice twice a day and avoid hills and tracks. I hope that it is better by Tuesday so I can do a track workout. I think it will take a week though 😦 and then another week of being careful :(.

Other than that I feel extremely fit. The tempo run was a piece of cake and I think that I have lost 4 lbs in the last 2-3 weeks.


Danger Overtraining!

Maybe. Instead of 65 miles last week I did 83. Most of the miles came from a 50k run. I wore my new New Balance 101’s that I picked up on discount at the running store on Thursday. I tried on a lot of shoes. The biggest problem with the 110 is that it is not wide enough in the forefoot and there is an inelastic band that prevents the upper from stretching out to conform to wide feet. The water resistant minimus trail has the same problem with the banding.

Thursday was  bit of a disaster. I wanted to run with a running group but I was running late getting out of work and forgot to printout directions to the trailhead meeting spot. I ended up running 5 miles on my own and the new shoes didn’t seem to stretch very much leaving me worried about the 50k I was going to run. Well the shoes are properly stretched now and quite comfortable. Also on Thurs. the magic white smoke that powers my computer escaped :(. I’ve ordered some replacement IC’s online, so I’m crossing my fingers that’ll fix it.

Friday’s quality workout was strenuous. I ran most of the intervals on a slight uphill and 1/2 of them ended up being sub training pace.

Today my right ankle is a bit tender and looks bigger than the left. I did two runs the first one was  a rather slow but my heart rate monitor shows that I was working hard. It felt a little hard too. The second run I ran quite a bit faster but the heart rate monitor shows that I wasn’t working anywhere near as hard. It felt easier too.

Tomorrow hill sprints!

Sleep Studies SPO2 and HR

I was able to borrow an oximeter / heartrate monitor to wear while I sleep. I’ve used it twice now with 10 days of separation. I’m not qualified to analyze the results but I’ve determined a few things. 1) I don’t have sleep apnea. 2) My resting heart rate is way lower when I sleep. 3) The oxygen saturation level in my blood doesn’t seem to be very high.

I today I got to run with my old running pal again. I did 12 miles today and I don’t know if it was the conversation or the weather but I enjoyed it a lot! The pace was a little fast for a easy day (7:10 min/mi) but I’m running strong so meh.

My first two quality workouts went swimmingly. Monday was 200 and 400 meter repeats on the track. Tuesday was one mile thresh hold cruise intervals. I’m trying to decide if I should do a super long trail run on Saturday or go hiking and camping with some friends. Either way I will probably try on some MT110’s today or tomorrow.

PS My blood pressure is 120/70.

Piranha is AMAZING

Ok, so I only have 24 miles in them so far and  not more than 7 at a time, but still I love them. The toe box is wide enough for the length. They have a nice cushy insole (non removable), only a few mm of drop, light as a feather, and not much else. I rotate shoes so that they are are not run in twice in a row.

Today was my first day off running in the last 14. I’m going to do 15 miles tomorrow to finish up a 65 mile week. Yesterday I was running super strong on both my morning and afternoon runs. I feel like I my body is responding well to the base building. Sunday starts phase two of the Daniels program. I haven’t been doing any of the supplemental training I am supposed to do three times a week. I hope I don’t lose too much benefit from not doing it. I am stretching potential problem spots after each run now. I haven’t had any problems yet, maybe I will be able to reach my toes after 19 weeks.

I’m super looking forward to watching the Marathon Oly trials in HD tomorrow afternoon. I’ve voted for Hall, Meb, and Chris Siemers. I think that Dathan will DNF or something will go wrong. On the womens side I got Flanagin, Terra Moody, and Goutcher. I don’t care much for Kara… or Hall. As you can see I’ve got dark horses in both lineups. I hope Kaster does well.

I saw a review of the MT 110 today. Those shoes look awesome. I want a pair. I want to run. I want to run fast. I want to run far. I want to run fast and far, 26.2 -100miles negative splits the whole way finishing with a 13:xx 5k!

Sweet Dreams!

Purchased Oasic Piranha SP3 Today

I won’t get a chance to try them out though until Monday. Sunday I’m running in a 5k and tomorrow I’m going to preview the course. Others have told me that it is super slick right now so I’m going to wear my New Balance MT101s on both days. I really should have bought a new pair of trail shoes as the 101s don’t have much life left in them. If they last as long as the last pair they only have 100 miles left to go. At the moment I have a few different serviceable choices for road shoes.

I had a good conversation with the shoe salesman. He has been wearing only Newtons for the last 3 years. I discussed the foot aches along the outside edges of my feet with him and he agreed that the MV2 along with so many other shoes are just too narrow for my wide forefoot. I went to the store with the goal of getting a pair of shoes that I wouldn’t blowout the sides, but I would have needed to buy a much heavier shoe to get ~5mm drop and wide toebox. There was a light weight 0 drop option and I was sorely tempted by the NB minimus road. My next trail shoes will probably be the minimus trail just because I think that they will fit best and when I do ultras the shoes have to fit.

I have a love hate relationship with the running store. They have terrific employees that qualified for the olympic trials. I’m buddy buddy with their former coach, etc. The problem is that they are always out of stock of the sizes that I want to try on and I don’t know what the fit is like so I am not about to special order them. Just like when I bought the Mizuno Wave Universe 4 I was asked over and over again if I was sure I wanted to buy the shoe. They would tell me, “There is just not much to the shoe.” I really like my Wave Universe 4’s. They are a tad bit small in the toebox and a tad under cushioned. I’ve run up to 18 miles in them on all the different surfaces. I’ve decided I don’t want to wear them more than 13.1 anymore. Right now I’m saving them for when I start doing track workouts again (2 wks away). On the dirt track they are Super Fly!

Diets and Minor Aches and Pains

Happy New Year!

So I’ve decided to go gluten free again. I will also eat more fats and fewer carbs. I ran 56 miles last week, one mile over my target. Thursday was a really tough day. I did 14 in the morning and slipped and slid everywhere. Then in the evening I joined a group run at higher elevation and slipped just as much to add 7 more mile. But, to add insult to injury the wind was howling and it was not an easy run. I took Friday off of running because my legs and back were sore all over.

I started a written journal with air temperatures and notes on how my body feels every day. Yesterday I was feeling low energy on my run and ran almost a minute slower then my easy pace. Today I felt spunky and ran well. I’ve been waking up in the morning with a stiff right ankle but elsewise A OK.

I managed to stay awake until midnight at a friends party. Drank in moderation and went to bed as soon as I could with the intention of waking up at 6:30 and running a 20 mi group run at 8:30 some distance away from my house. However, I got a call at 2 AM in the morning from an ex. She and her girlfriend were stranded about a mile from my place at the end of the bus line and no way back because it was the last bus. So I picked them up but then decided to abandon plans of a 20 mi run.

Cheers, here is to 2012, good luck everyone!