Diets and Minor Aches and Pains

Happy New Year!

So I’ve decided to go gluten free again. I will also eat more fats and fewer carbs. I ran 56 miles last week, one mile over my target. Thursday was a really tough day. I did 14 in the morning and slipped and slid everywhere. Then in the evening I joined a group run at higher elevation and slipped just as much to add 7 more mile. But, to add insult to injury the wind was howling and it was not an easy run. I took Friday off of running because my legs and back were sore all over.

I started a written journal with air temperatures and notes on how my body feels every day. Yesterday I was feeling low energy on my run and ran almost a minute slower then my easy pace. Today I felt spunky and ran well. I’ve been waking up in the morning with a stiff right ankle but elsewise A OK.

I managed to stay awake until midnight at a friends party. Drank in moderation and went to bed as soon as I could with the intention of waking up at 6:30 and running a 20 mi group run at 8:30 some distance away from my house. However, I got a call at 2 AM in the morning from an ex. She and her girlfriend were stranded about a mile from my place at the end of the bus line and no way back because it was the last bus. So I picked them up but then decided to abandon plans of a 20 mi run.

Cheers, here is to 2012, good luck everyone!


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