Purchased Oasic Piranha SP3 Today

I won’t get a chance to try them out though until Monday. Sunday I’m running in a 5k and tomorrow I’m going to preview the course. Others have told me that it is super slick right now so I’m going to wear my New Balance MT101s on both days. I really should have bought a new pair of trail shoes as the 101s don’t have much life left in them. If they last as long as the last pair they only have 100 miles left to go. At the moment I have a few different serviceable choices for road shoes.

I had a good conversation with the shoe salesman. He has been wearing only Newtons for the last 3 years. I discussed the foot aches along the outside edges of my feet with him and he agreed that the MV2 along with so many other shoes are just too narrow for my wide forefoot. I went to the store with the goal of getting a pair of shoes that I wouldn’t blowout the sides, but I would have needed to buy a much heavier shoe to get ~5mm drop and wide toebox. There was a light weight 0 drop option and I was sorely tempted by the NB minimus road. My next trail shoes will probably be the minimus trail just because I think that they will fit best and when I do ultras the shoes have to fit.

I have a love hate relationship with the running store. They have terrific employees that qualified for the olympic trials. I’m buddy buddy with their former coach, etc. The problem is that they are always out of stock of the sizes that I want to try on and I don’t know what the fit is like so I am not about to special order them. Just like when I bought the Mizuno Wave Universe 4 I was asked over and over again if I was sure I wanted to buy the shoe. They would tell me, “There is just not much to the shoe.” I really like my Wave Universe 4’s. They are a tad bit small in the toebox and a tad under cushioned. I’ve run up to 18 miles in them on all the different surfaces. I’ve decided I don’t want to wear them more than 13.1 anymore. Right now I’m saving them for when I start doing track workouts again (2 wks away). On the dirt track they are Super Fly!


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