Piranha is AMAZING

Ok, so I only have 24 miles in them so far and  not more than 7 at a time, but still I love them. The toe box is wide enough for the length. They have a nice cushy insole (non removable), only a few mm of drop, light as a feather, and not much else. I rotate shoes so that they are are not run in twice in a row.

Today was my first day off running in the last 14. I’m going to do 15 miles tomorrow to finish up a 65 mile week. Yesterday I was running super strong on both my morning and afternoon runs. I feel like I my body is responding well to the base building. Sunday starts phase two of the Daniels program. I haven’t been doing any of the supplemental training I am supposed to do three times a week. I hope I don’t lose too much benefit from not doing it. I am stretching potential problem spots after each run now. I haven’t had any problems yet, maybe I will be able to reach my toes after 19 weeks.

I’m super looking forward to watching the Marathon Oly trials in HD tomorrow afternoon. I’ve voted for Hall, Meb, and Chris Siemers. I think that Dathan will DNF or something will go wrong. On the womens side I got Flanagin, Terra Moody, and Goutcher. I don’t care much for Kara… or Hall. As you can see I’ve got dark horses in both lineups. I hope Kaster does well.

I saw a review of the MT 110 today. Those shoes look awesome. I want a pair. I want to run. I want to run fast. I want to run far. I want to run fast and far, 26.2 -100miles negative splits the whole way finishing with a 13:xx 5k!

Sweet Dreams!


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