Danger Overtraining!

Maybe. Instead of 65 miles last week I did 83. Most of the miles came from a 50k run. I wore my new New Balance 101’s that I picked up on discount at the running store on Thursday. I tried on a lot of shoes. The biggest problem with the 110 is that it is not wide enough in the forefoot and there is an inelastic band that prevents the upper from stretching out to conform to wide feet. The water resistant minimus trail has the same problem with the banding.

Thursday was  bit of a disaster. I wanted to run with a running group but I was running late getting out of work and forgot to printout directions to the trailhead meeting spot. I ended up running 5 miles on my own and the new shoes didn’t seem to stretch very much leaving me worried about the 50k I was going to run. Well the shoes are properly stretched now and quite comfortable. Also on Thurs. the magic white smoke that powers my computer escaped :(. I’ve ordered some replacement IC’s online, so I’m crossing my fingers that’ll fix it.

Friday’s quality workout was strenuous. I ran most of the intervals on a slight uphill and 1/2 of them ended up being sub training pace.

Today my right ankle is a bit tender and looks bigger than the left. I did two runs the first one was  a rather slow but my heart rate monitor shows that I was working hard. It felt a little hard too. The second run I ran quite a bit faster but the heart rate monitor shows that I wasn’t working anywhere near as hard. It felt easier too.

Tomorrow hill sprints!


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