Achilles Injury the Facts

Monday my right ankle and arch felt sore while running. Tuesday I did 12 1/16 mile hill sprints with a less than normal intensity. Tuesday night I tucked my bedsheets in tight at the end of the bed. Wednesday I did an easy run but there was a large head wind. No pains anywhere on Wednesday but my left achilles was tight that night. Thursday while running both in the morning and evening my left achilles hurt. I iced and elevated several time during the day. I’ve been stretching after every run. Friday I did a 40 min tempo run. I did a long warmup and some light stretching. No pain while tempo running but I could feel that it was a little tight. It started to hurt a little while I was doing my cool down.

I’m not sure what when wrong. I’ve injured my right achilles in the fall of 2010 pretty bad during a very hilly trail race. I’ve also had tight achilles before after hard track workouts, but in all other times there were definite causes and tight calves to go along with it.

I’ve never needed to take time off running from achilles issues before so I’m hoping to run though it again. From what I remember I just need to do very light stretching 3 times a day. Ice twice a day and avoid hills and tracks. I hope that it is better by Tuesday so I can do a track workout. I think it will take a week though 😦 and then another week of being careful :(.

Other than that I feel extremely fit. The tempo run was a piece of cake and I think that I have lost 4 lbs in the last 2-3 weeks.


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