Injured runner, but not me

So my achilles healed up just fine. I did my track workout on Tuesday no problem.

An interesting thing happened while I was on a group run on Sunday. There was a fork in the trail one going up and over a mesa and another going around. My friend and I decided to go up and over, the rest of the group decided to go around because they were afraid that on the other side of the mesa the trail would be slippery. Originally the rest of the group wanted us to meetup at where the trails intersected, we however didn’t want them to wait and said that we would catch up. We finally agreed to wait and regroup at another parking lot. So coming down the other side of the mesa was in fact slippery. We passed two ladies that my friend knew but didn’t stop to talk. A few turns later we came across a runner lying across the middle of the trail. He had slipped fallen on his knee and it bent the wrong way. He wanted to know if we had a cell phone to call a rescue team because he couldn’t stand. We didn’t have a cell phone but we ran back to the ladies and they did have one. After calling 911 my friend said that he would stay with the injured runner and that I should go to the parking lot and tell the group not to wait.

When I got to the parking lot the group was nowhere in sight. I think they must have waited for quite a while before deciding to leave. The rescue team was in the parking lot, they had some questions for me about he runners position. I thought that I recognized one of the rescue team members and asked her if we knew each other. We exchanged names but she didn’t recognize me. So as I was running back to my friend and the injured runner it came to me. I knew her husband. We stayed with the runner until the rescue team arrived. It was windy and cold waiting in the shade up on the side of the mesa. When they came I asked her if she knew so and so and she said yes that’s him right there pointing to another rescuer, who then proceeded to turn around and greet me with instant recognition.

All in all it was a dud of a run but hopefully I built up some good karma.


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