Arches and investigating Sketchers GoRun

Last Wednesday as I was at 11 miles and just finishing my run when my right arch seemed to cramp up. I’ve had this feeling maybe twice before in the middle of a run. Both times before I just kept running and it more or less went away. I was wearing Newton MV2 both times. On Sunday I was doing Fridays interval session and after 1 mile of cool down (8 miles into the run) my right arch started to hurt. I paid much closer attention and I now think that it is a plantar fasciitis problem…maybe. On Sunday’s run I was wearing Piranhas not Newtons. Saturday was a terrible long run with New Balance 101’s and my feet took quite a beating. Today I wore the MV2 and the right foot was uncomfortable for all 9 miles. The shoe is in terrible condition though. I hope to borrow a camera to take some pictures in the next few days. I will also post the review I promised.

Now I need to get a new road shoe for my rotation. I’m running out of shoes to try on. I really want to find a pair that fits my wide forefoot. Tonight I will sample the Sketchers GoRun. It has promised because of the lugs under the arch. I’m hoping that I will be getting a free pair of Puma shoes from soon but I’m not holding my breath.



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