Newton MV2 Review

Before I get started on my review I would like reassure all of my dedicated followers that I am not injured. Last week was a wonderful and capped with a terrific 5 mile time trial. However, I felt very low energy on today’s run so maybe I overdid it last week. I also have been having twinges in my big toes at random times… Gout?

After running just over 250 miles in the Newton MV2 they became uncomfortable. As you can see from the photo the tread is still in excellent shape. This shoe is built upon a narrow last, I have found that such shoes can accommodate wide feet if the upper is sufficiently stretchable. My modus operandi is to leave the bottom or bottom two lace eyelets unlaced. However as a result of this the uppers of my shoes tend to give out along the sole of the shoe.

I have found the lugs of the MV2 are unpleasant for the first 1/2 mile of a run. After that point I forget about them. Other runners can hear you coming because the lugs are hard and make quite a racket on the concrete. The lugs are supposed to be positioned underneath the metatarsi of the foot. To fit my wide feet into racing shoes I typically need to buy the shoes a size or two longer than I would prefer. In the case of the MV2 this resulted in the lugs almost not covering my metatarsi. Additionally, my pinky side hung out over the side of the lug. This would cause me aches on the outside edges of my feet. A Newton rep suggested that I remove the insole of the shoe to give my feet a little more room. This seemed to alleviate the aches on the side of the foot. Unfortunately I believe it accelerated the deterioration of the upper.

I used the shoes with the 3mm insert that comes with the shoe. I ran a marathon in them and around mile 18 my calves were feeling tight and fatigued. I would say that my calves were done in around mile 23. I do think that the design of the shoe (lugs) returns more energy than all my other running shoes. I had purchased these shoes only one month prior to my marathon. I think that my calves would have made it though the whole marathon if I had had 2 months in the shoe.

You can see that my big toe has poked though the top in the top view of the shoe. All in all I liked these shoes and if they made a wide version of them I would buy them. As it is I can’t justify the price of Newton MV2 when I only get 250 miles and my other racing flats get 500+ miles and lightweight trainers 750+.

I would not wear these shoes around the office or for a hike. When you are walking or standing they are effectively a negative drop shoe! Also be warned when you take out the insole I got some blisters on my arch and middle of my foot from the seams of the shoe.

As a last though they can be a little slippery when running in the rain. Here is a nice photo of the zero drop action! (Midfoot/Forefoot Strike)  I don’t heal strike, which you can tell if you examine the tread.


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