And on the 13th day he rested

My 2nd run today I would classify as junk miles. I haven’t run junk in a long long time. So tomorrow I will rest. My workouts this week felt harder than they should have. I know because they were easy two weeks ago. Other than feeling tired everything is A OK. This is my 4th week at 70 miles. Sunday I start phase III of the Daniels running formula.

I tried the sketchers gorun. They were not bad… I think that I got them 1/2 a size too big. The back of my heel didn’t touch the back of the shoe and my toes still had more than a thumbs width in the front. I did an 11 mile run in my normal running socks and everything seemed fine. There isn’t much lateral stability so I wouldn’t use them on a track or on a curvy run. Two days later I ran 6 miles fast in them. I wore thin socks and tried to tighten down the laces but I was sliding all around in the shoe. Then two days later I did a 16 mile easy run in them. They were not comfortable! I felt lots of pressure on the top of my foot over the arch and couldn’t get rid of it. I had strange aches in my toes on and off and general discomfort. So I spent some time cleaning the shoes and then traded them in.

I replaced them with the New Balance M7310 lime green. I did my first run in them today 4.5 miles of junk (not the shoes). It’s a little early to review them. I’ve had my eye on them since I picked up the sketchers. According to running stores they don’t exist. Not only that but I can’t find a single review online or any information of value on the New Balance website. I don’t know what the heal drop is but I would estimate 4-5 mm. They are light weight which is nice…how light I don’t know right now. They seem to be a little less cushy than my piranhas which is a little worrisome. My original intent was to get a more cushy shoe for longer easy runs. Not that I’ve had any problems in the Piranhas and I’ve gone up to 13 miles in them on concrete.


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