I’m Fat

Or at least that is how I feel today. I haven’t done my quality workout yet and I’ve eaten too much this morning. I’m so sorry my loyal fans for not writing anything in the last 11 days. I’ve been without a computer for a while now and have to blog from work, which has been very busy of late. This past week of running was a little frustrating. I was very low energy all week mainly due to a bicycle ride on Sunday a week ago. I rode a 50 mile ride with some pro triathletes after a 10 mile run and it killed me. We only averaged 19 mph but they told me sometimes they do it at 26-27 mph. Thursday I took a semi rest day from running and Friday my quality workout left my 100% dead for Sat.

This coming Thrusday I will start a Paleo diet with a friend. I hope that it will get me down to race weight without leaving me drained of energy. I’ve signed up for two ultra marathons so far despite not intending to do any when I started the year. Also the New Balance 7301 are working out well and I like them.




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