Worlds Slowest Tempo Run -> KA 50K Performance

Thursday I tried to do a set of 2 mi tempo intervals. Even though I felt great it was all I could do to run 7:15 per mile. My legs simply would not move. After a rest day on Friday my blisters were all healed and I was ready to race. It ended up being 34 miles and I finished strong and fast (7:10 / mile) Ok so not that fast but it felt fast and I had a few min lead and there was no reason to kill myself. I found that I absolutely need to consume sugar in these ultra performances. I get an almost instant revitalization every time I suck down a gel. I got a small abrasion on the top of my right foot. Strange because I though that I put body glide there and I’ve wore the NB101s for that many miles before…

Speaking of NB I applied to be a NB wear tester. No word on that yet, I also entered a running photo contest to win a pair of shoes!

I’m about 4 weeks out from my goal race for the season so I will start my taper. It almost feels like I’ve already been tapering. 😦

Yesterday while rotating my front tires I dropped a hydraulic floor jack on my foot. Luckily I still had a partial grip on the thing otherwise it would have broken every single bone. As it is it landed directly on top of my abrasion and now I have a huge bruise to boot.

It was a little sore on today’s run (so were my quads.) But I took it easy and nothing was too far outside of nominal.


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