24 Weeks ’till NYC Marathon

Sunday was the official day to begin the marathon training. I did a 40 mile bike ride and a 9 mile hike with 1000s of feet of elevation, no running. Monday I tried to go for a run around my neighborhood but found that my right Achilles would have none of it. It has been getting slightly worse over the last two weeks. It is still at the point where if I force the run I’m ok by the end. I need to start my marathon training strong not week though so I am pushing back the running for a few days. I’ve been trying to only run flats over the last two weeks but peer pressure has lead me to run track sessions and hills. In a rather desperate attempt to speed the recovery I am wearing shoes with arch support all of the time instead of kick the shoes off and going barefoot.

This Achilles problem feels and reacts slightly and subtlety different from all other Achilles problems that I’ve had. I think that before I’ve had tendinitis and now I have tendinosis (or perhaps versa vicee). I hope I can clear it up as fast as I have in the past. So yesterday instead of running on a beautiful day I spent it at the gym on the elliptical. At least today I got a nice bike ride in.


Let the base training begin

Well after all the diet stuff I’m back to my typical don’t go anywhere for long weight of 155 lbs. (I only made it 54 hours for my waterfast). I’m going to try to become “nutritionally ketotic” over the next couple of weeks. Following the example of this awesome MD. Peter Attia ( http://waroninsulin.com/how-a-low-carb-diet-affected-my-athletic-performance) .

I raced the 1500 and forgot to wear my watch! 4:42 running alone and with no big clock. I definitely had a little more in me to get the 5 min mile but had no idea what my pace was. Next time! I totally forgot that I had a 12km race the day before so I sand bagged that race to stay fresh for the 1500.

I’m going to start the Daniel’s Elite Marathon training program soon. (24 weeks until NYC Marathon!) While I was doing the 5-15 km plan I didn’t incorporate the cross training prescribed. For this plan I will. I’ve been doing 2x workouts per day mixing: swimming, cycling, elliptical, rowing, weights, and RUNNING.

I would like to hit 100 mpw before reaching phase 2 of the plan. However for the rest of the plan I intend to max the miles at 80 mpw. For the last plan my mileage goal was 70 mpw peak which I reached and sustained for 5 weeks but wasn’t able to hold it. The marathon plan is bit different in the respect that you don’t stay at the peak miles for weeks on end.

There is an aspect of my running I don’t think that I’ve mentioned before… I’ve been giving blood every other week since the end of March on doctors orders. I know that this has affected things a bit but I chose to treat it as normal rather than abnormal.


Water Fast

Well I’m more than 48 hours into a water fast and I’m thinking about ending it. My original intent was to go at least 72 hours and reach Ketosis. However, I’ve been convinced to race 1500m next weekend so I need to make myself ready. I finished my “season” successfully. Turns out I was faster in Feb than in May and I peaked way early. I ran the 5M 12 seconds faster on a harder course earlier in the year. Part of the problem was that I weighed about 10 lbs more at the end of the season. I attribute this extra weight to all of the ultra runs that I did and the accompanying sense that I could eat whatever I want. I’ve lost about 5 lbs on the water fast and hope not too much of it is muscle. I’ve been walking every day and will resume running again on Wednesday. I hope that the week long + break will give my body time to repair all of the niggling little aches that I accumulated over the season. The worst of which is my tight right Achilles. Soon I will start base training for the NYC marathon. I’ve got a couple of races in between. Of note is two ultras (30miles and 50miles) and a very difficult trail 1/2 marathon (not registered yet).