Water Fast

Well I’m more than 48 hours into a water fast and I’m thinking about ending it. My original intent was to go at least 72 hours and reach Ketosis. However, I’ve been convinced to race 1500m next weekend so I need to make myself ready. I finished my “season” successfully. Turns out I was faster in Feb than in May and I peaked way early. I ran the 5M 12 seconds faster on a harder course earlier in the year. Part of the problem was that I weighed about 10 lbs more at the end of the season. I attribute this extra weight to all of the ultra runs that I did and the accompanying sense that I could eat whatever I want. I’ve lost about 5 lbs on the water fast and hope not too much of it is muscle. I’ve been walking every day and will resume running again on Wednesday. I hope that the week long + break will give my body time to repair all of the niggling little aches that I accumulated over the season. The worst of which is my tight right Achilles. Soon I will start base training for the NYC marathon. I’ve got a couple of races in between. Of note is two ultras (30miles and 50miles) and a very difficult trail 1/2 marathon (not registered yet).


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