Back on Track

I’ve been training consistently and building up my volume. Ran a 52 mile race last week. I’ve been very strict about my diet and have had fasting B-ketone values around 1.5 mM/L . While racing I consumed no carbs other than superstarch until the last 6 miles. Ran strong but didn’t have any high end. I have several hypothesizes why:

1.) Cannot consume enough Superstarch in aqueous form to sustain high output for long duration. (Next time I will try making my own gu from it.)

2.) Just haven’t been training enough the past 2 months. (~25 mpw trying to get my Achilles fixed.)

3.) Giving blood every other week leaves me weak.

4.) Don’t have the mental toughness right now to push pus push in races or training.


Current Status:

My Achilles is much better now and I’m doing exercises to even out some imbalances to help prevent this from happening again.

I’ve been keeping up with cross training to stay aerobically fit.

I’ve been reading running books to help get me back into the competitive mindset. (I still love my run every day.)

Can’t seem to lose any weight even with dietary ketosis. Perhaps as my miles comes up the weight will go down. It is especially depressing after a race because I bloat up for a few days.


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Going to Read: Again to Carthage, The Greatest Haile Gebrselassie



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