New Trail Shoes and Status Update

I got some New Balance MT00 wide shoes last week. I’ve only been on one 6 mi run with them so far. I used them sockless, as I believe they are designed to be used and in the last mile developed a hot spot on the top of my big toe on the left foot. This afternoon I will give them a try with thin socks.

I’ve continued with my odd ball diet. I think my weight is slowly going down by about 1 lb per week. My athletic performance is improving slightly each week. I emailed some experts in the field and was reassured to just keep at it for a few more weeks and I won’t be disappointed with the athletic results.

Instead of running this weekend I did a three day 200 mi bike ride. I recorded my highest beta ketone level over the weekend with 3.4 mM/L. Otherwise my levels continue to be depressed. I have several theories why.

1.) Too much dairy. Lactose is creating insulin response. -> Try to limit dairy to 1-2 servings @ 1 meal per day.

2.) Insulin sensitivity to trace amounts of maltodextrin and dextrose. -> Have just started to eliminate hidden sources of these ingredients.

3.) Too many calories / day overall. -> Try reducing the amount of oil that I cook with and fatty sauces and dressings. Since I am eating to hunger I can always snack more if I get hungry from reducing the overall calories in a meal.

While I’m talking about diet my food logs show that I am chronically short of protein. I should be consuming approximately 130 g / day but I have been having troubles getting above 105 g / day. The exception would be when I go to BBQs and pork out on meats. Then I’m sky high on protein and my ketone levels become super depressed the next day approaching ZERO! The worst part is I am not eating to hunger at these events.

I’ve ordered some running books online. I’ve been reading a bunch of them lately and enjoying them tremendously. Right calf is very tight today after 17 mi workout yesterday. Right achilles seems to be all better. Right arch which was feeling bruised before weekend seems to be all better now. Worried that the tight calf will start the whole cycle of injury over again just when my running is getting better.

All this hot weather is definitely giving me some good heat acclimatization.