Half a year in the blink of an eye

Wowzers. Well I’m still on the diet but after months of daily measurements I can take a more laissez faire attitude and still stay deep in ketosis. I’ve been consistently running although have yet to turn out anything other than a mediocre race performance. I think that this is now an issue of not doing much speed work. Didn’t run NYC marathon which was my end of the year goal race. May race a 50K in Feb. Weight hasn’t budged one inch (or waist) in all this time in ketosis. I do think that my body composition is changing. There are subtle differences in the mirror. I did get some before pics so eventually I will take more and compare. Eating a ketogenic diet is no longer a “diet” for me but a lifestyle. I love everything about it the world is so much better and I feel so much better all the time. It is like turning on the defrost in your car and having the windshield clear up for the first time in your life.

I’ve fallen into a strange pattern of intermittent fasting IF. I had read plenty of things about it before and always thought it was a stupid idea. However since I’ve been eating only when I’m hungry it turns out I’m not hungry between 5:30 PM and 9 AM. I’ve been doing some workouts in the fasted state and they don’t seem to be a problem.

The latest development has been some right Achilles pain. I have my range of motion and no swelling so I don’t know exactly what is going on. I’m treating it aggressively since I’m in  a planned off season (well only one week left of that). I’ve been swimming a lot in my off time. Kept up with my strength training program on and off season and have been doing some sauna exercises to work on body alignment and heat training.

As far as strength work goes I’ve recently switched systems. I’m now working only on my creatine phosphate system by limiting muscle group exercise to 10 seconds. Then I after a 5 min break I will do the same muscle group again. Working other muscle groups in the intervening time keeps my heart rate elevated so it promote fat burning at the same time. The idea behind this approach is to increase the number of neruo-muscular pathways without adding the extra bulk that comes with the cellular organelles used in aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. I don’t want a huge upper body and the lower body gets tons of aerobic and anaerobic work running.



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