Water Fast

Well I’m more than 48 hours into a water fast and I’m thinking about ending it. My original intent was to go at least 72 hours and reach Ketosis. However, I’ve been convinced to race 1500m next weekend so I need to make myself ready. I finished my “season” successfully. Turns out I was faster in Feb than in May and I peaked way early. I ran the 5M 12 seconds faster on a harder course earlier in the year. Part of the problem was that I weighed about 10 lbs more at the end of the season. I attribute this extra weight to all of the ultra runs that I did and the accompanying sense that I could eat whatever I want. I’ve lost about 5 lbs on the water fast and hope not too much of it is muscle. I’ve been walking every day and will resume running again on Wednesday. I hope that the week long + break will give my body time to repair all of the niggling little aches that I accumulated over the season. The worst of which is my tight right Achilles. Soon I will start base training for the NYC marathon. I’ve got a couple of races in between. Of note is two ultras (30miles and 50miles) and a very difficult trail 1/2 marathon (not registered yet).


Worlds Slowest Tempo Run -> KA 50K Performance

Thursday I tried to do a set of 2 mi tempo intervals. Even though I felt great it was all I could do to run 7:15 per mile. My legs simply would not move. After a rest day on Friday my blisters were all healed and I was ready to race. It ended up being 34 miles and I finished strong and fast (7:10 / mile) Ok so not that fast but it felt fast and I had a few min lead and there was no reason to kill myself. I found that I absolutely need to consume sugar in these ultra performances. I get an almost instant revitalization every time I suck down a gel. I got a small abrasion on the top of my right foot. Strange because I though that I put body glide there and I’ve wore the NB101s for that many miles before…

Speaking of NB I applied to be a NB wear tester. No word on that yet, I also entered a running photo contest to win a pair of shoes!

I’m about 4 weeks out from my goal race for the season so I will start my taper. It almost feels like I’ve already been tapering. 😦

Yesterday while rotating my front tires I dropped a hydraulic floor jack on my foot. Luckily I still had a partial grip on the thing otherwise it would have broken every single bone. As it is it landed directly on top of my abrasion and now I have a huge bruise to boot.

It was a little sore on today’s run (so were my quads.) But I took it easy and nothing was too far outside of nominal.

Still Kickin’

I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve had to pull all nighters. I’ve managed to get all my runs in though. Since going on Paleo I’ve had to cut back from 70 mpw to 60 mpw and I haven’t been able to run @ proper pace for my speed work. However, I did a 1/2 marathon tune up race for my 5 mile that I’m training for. I PRed at every distance on the way to the finish! A week later I tried to race a 10k and I bonked so hard I almost took a dnf at mile 2.5.

This week is supposed to be my hardest of the entire training plan. I ran a terrific set of 1 mile intervals this morning and while they were not as fast as before I started Paleo they felt like the right intensity and I finished feeling strong. This Saturday I’m going to run a 50k fat ass which should be fun except for the small blister on my big toe.

How I got the blister is an interesting story. In the 4 days after the 1/2 marathon I put on 10 lbs! I was at race weight the day of the marathon. I felt bloated and I am sure that my feet were bigger because I did a normal run in my NB 7301’s which probably have around 150-200 miles on the and I got two blisters! I may have eaten too much salty foods.

Now I’m about 2.5 lbs above my “race weight” and I don’t feel bloated anymore. I’ll finish the Paleo at the end of the month.

Keep on Runnin’

I’m Fat

Or at least that is how I feel today. I haven’t done my quality workout yet and I’ve eaten too much this morning. I’m so sorry my loyal fans for not writing anything in the last 11 days. I’ve been without a computer for a while now and have to blog from work, which has been very busy of late. This past week of running was a little frustrating. I was very low energy all week mainly due to a bicycle ride on Sunday a week ago. I rode a 50 mile ride with some pro triathletes after a 10 mile run and it killed me. We only averaged 19 mph but they told me sometimes they do it at 26-27 mph. Thursday I took a semi rest day from running and Friday my quality workout left my 100% dead for Sat.

This coming Thrusday I will start a Paleo diet with a friend. I hope that it will get me down to race weight without leaving me drained of energy. I’ve signed up for two ultra marathons so far despite not intending to do any when I started the year. Also the New Balance 7301 are working out well and I like them.



And on the 13th day he rested

My 2nd run today I would classify as junk miles. I haven’t run junk in a long long time. So tomorrow I will rest. My workouts this week felt harder than they should have. I know because they were easy two weeks ago. Other than feeling tired everything is A OK. This is my 4th week at 70 miles. Sunday I start phase III of the Daniels running formula.

I tried the sketchers gorun. They were not bad… I think that I got them 1/2 a size too big. The back of my heel didn’t touch the back of the shoe and my toes still had more than a thumbs width in the front. I did an 11 mile run in my normal running socks and everything seemed fine. There isn’t much lateral stability so I wouldn’t use them on a track or on a curvy run. Two days later I ran 6 miles fast in them. I wore thin socks and tried to tighten down the laces but I was sliding all around in the shoe. Then two days later I did a 16 mile easy run in them. They were not comfortable! I felt lots of pressure on the top of my foot over the arch and couldn’t get rid of it. I had strange aches in my toes on and off and general discomfort. So I spent some time cleaning the shoes and then traded them in.

I replaced them with the New Balance M7310 lime green. I did my first run in them today 4.5 miles of junk (not the shoes). It’s a little early to review them. I’ve had my eye on them since I picked up the sketchers. According to running stores they don’t exist. Not only that but I can’t find a single review online or any information of value on the New Balance website. I don’t know what the heal drop is but I would estimate 4-5 mm. They are light weight which is nice…how light I don’t know right now. They seem to be a little less cushy than my piranhas which is a little worrisome. My original intent was to get a more cushy shoe for longer easy runs. Not that I’ve had any problems in the Piranhas and I’ve gone up to 13 miles in them on concrete.

Newton MV2 Review

Before I get started on my review I would like reassure all of my dedicated followers that I am not injured. Last week was a wonderful and capped with a terrific 5 mile time trial. However, I felt very low energy on today’s run so maybe I overdid it last week. I also have been having twinges in my big toes at random times… Gout?

After running just over 250 miles in the Newton MV2 they became uncomfortable. As you can see from the photo the tread is still in excellent shape. This shoe is built upon a narrow last, I have found that such shoes can accommodate wide feet if the upper is sufficiently stretchable. My modus operandi is to leave the bottom or bottom two lace eyelets unlaced. However as a result of this the uppers of my shoes tend to give out along the sole of the shoe.

I have found the lugs of the MV2 are unpleasant for the first 1/2 mile of a run. After that point I forget about them. Other runners can hear you coming because the lugs are hard and make quite a racket on the concrete. The lugs are supposed to be positioned underneath the metatarsi of the foot. To fit my wide feet into racing shoes I typically need to buy the shoes a size or two longer than I would prefer. In the case of the MV2 this resulted in the lugs almost not covering my metatarsi. Additionally, my pinky side hung out over the side of the lug. This would cause me aches on the outside edges of my feet. A Newton rep suggested that I remove the insole of the shoe to give my feet a little more room. This seemed to alleviate the aches on the side of the foot. Unfortunately I believe it accelerated the deterioration of the upper.

I used the shoes with the 3mm insert that comes with the shoe. I ran a marathon in them and around mile 18 my calves were feeling tight and fatigued. I would say that my calves were done in around mile 23. I do think that the design of the shoe (lugs) returns more energy than all my other running shoes. I had purchased these shoes only one month prior to my marathon. I think that my calves would have made it though the whole marathon if I had had 2 months in the shoe.

You can see that my big toe has poked though the top in the top view of the shoe. All in all I liked these shoes and if they made a wide version of them I would buy them. As it is I can’t justify the price of Newton MV2 when I only get 250 miles and my other racing flats get 500+ miles and lightweight trainers 750+.

I would not wear these shoes around the office or for a hike. When you are walking or standing they are effectively a negative drop shoe! Also be warned when you take out the insole I got some blisters on my arch and middle of my foot from the seams of the shoe.

As a last though they can be a little slippery when running in the rain. Here is a nice photo of the zero drop action! (Midfoot/Forefoot Strike)  I don’t heal strike, which you can tell if you examine the tread.

Arches and investigating Sketchers GoRun

Last Wednesday as I was at 11 miles and just finishing my run when my right arch seemed to cramp up. I’ve had this feeling maybe twice before in the middle of a run. Both times before I just kept running and it more or less went away. I was wearing Newton MV2 both times. On Sunday I was doing Fridays interval session and after 1 mile of cool down (8 miles into the run) my right arch started to hurt. I paid much closer attention and I now think that it is a plantar fasciitis problem…maybe. On Sunday’s run I was wearing Piranhas not Newtons. Saturday was a terrible long run with New Balance 101’s and my feet took quite a beating. Today I wore the MV2 and the right foot was uncomfortable for all 9 miles. The shoe is in terrible condition though. I hope to borrow a camera to take some pictures in the next few days. I will also post the review I promised.

Now I need to get a new road shoe for my rotation. I’m running out of shoes to try on. I really want to find a pair that fits my wide forefoot. Tonight I will sample the Sketchers GoRun. It has promised because of the lugs under the arch. I’m hoping that I will be getting a free pair of Puma shoes from letsrun.com soon but I’m not holding my breath.